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These sensational images are courtesy of Paul Gander, and the story of his dad and mates setting of an European tour in 1953 is best told here. The title contains a nice irony: Paul was a confirmed sportsbike rider, until he had a close look at his Dad’s album. And a whole world was revealed…

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Published by Nick on October 22nd, 2011 - in IMAGERY

Blitz: cycles re-cycled…


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There has recently been an upsurge of interest in special builds and builders – we’d like to think of stuff being created, angle grinder to hand, in sheds all over the country, but at least there is a definite and growing interest in ‘rolling yer own’.



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20.1.87 – 23.10.11


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Or is it?


2012 ZZR1400: 210 crank?

Published by Nick on October 11th, 2011 - in NEWS

This is something that still get’s us going. Can’t help it. The arrival of the latest icon to inherit the world title – of  2 wheeled production power. (more…)

Gary’s Meditation

Published by Editor on October 5th, 2011 - in Inbox

Gary Northeast’s meditation on a local run.  In Wales.

There’s a road I quite often go out of my way to ride not far from where I live here in Mid-Wales. The bit I ride is not a very long piece of road, just about seven miles in all, but in those seven short miles it brings together in one place many of the things I most love about motorcycling.

It begins in a small hamlet of a few houses and scattered along its length are another three settlements with a small village at the end. There are a couple of posted speed limits along the way so consequently no really long stretches to blast down at high speed. (more…)


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Our review series of naked Euro litre bikes continues with the new Brutale 920. (more…)


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We recently pre-empted the hack season by drawing up a list of value conveyances. And followed our own advice by taking the plunge on a naked SV650… (more…)

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