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does what it says on the box….


Published by Nick on January 12th, 2014 - in CLASSIFIEDS, ONGOING

To see what’s on offer, click and read on. To list an item free, use this page and your ad will be listed.


Published by Nick on February 27th, 2012 - in CLASSIFIEDS, ONGOING

We’ve decided to accept bike ads on the site – and the good news is that they are free.It would obviously be appreciated if you could pop a couple of quid in the slush fund by hitting the PAYPAL button – all contributions go towards keeping the site running.

We’re not restricting or policing this area, either morally or aesthetically. There is a lack of genuinely free classified space out there, and as far as bikes are concerned, where better to find one than a bike website?  We’ll launch the classified area as soon as we’ve got a few ads submitted – the aim is to run from March 6th.

  • Use the form below to submit a classified ad with image. Images max 75 dpi, 16cm/6 inches, 1 mgb max . Upload a single image with your ad text in the message field: you can always send more to any interested respondents – you will need to include a means of contact in the ad. The form below can also be found via the SUBMIT button on the top menu, accessible on every page.
  • Use the comments section further down the page to submit text only ads. You will need to include a contact point in the comment.

Ads will appear here. And that’s it. A simple and free resource open to buyers and sellers of anything bike related.

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