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BIKERGLORY relaunch 5/5/15

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Until then…













Published by Nick on September 30th, 2014 - in DESIGN, NEWS

Two and a half years ago, Bikerglory predicted the return of forced induction on production motorcycles. It was a no brainer: better fuel economy, less weight, more power – meaning a 500cc machine (for example) could do everything a litre bike can do – but better. We got the supercharger bit right. But we got the capacity wrong……



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John Cantlie

Published by Nick on September 18th, 2014 - in NEWS

Sometime Brit bike journo (TWO, MCN etc) has been taken hostage by Islamic State.

Sonic worked in the industry in it the last glory days of print – before it all got so serious and predictable. He then grew up and became a respected war correspondent.  At times like this all of us will be united our hopes for his release, along with the others in the same predicament.  Our thoughts are with him and his fellow hostages.

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click on an image… full story HERE (more…)

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The weekend of the 15th / 16th of March brought warm sunshine and clear skies to large parts of the UK. Consequently plenty of bikes appeared making their seasonal debut – and with sad inevitability accidents and fatalities involving motorcycles skyrocketed, a fair proportion involving no other vehicle. (more…)


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Ariel the Modern Motorcycle


Bikerglory 2014: part one…..

Published by Nick on December 19th, 2013 - in NEWS
  • ARIEL – development hell or ready to rock? The latest on the Atom’s 2 wheel bro…
  • IMPORTS – new EU licencing regs, favourable exchange rates and the lightweight renaissance have revived interest in this mysterious sector of the market. Our guide to what, where and how much….
  • DESIGN – the first part in our new series on design features KTM, the first respondents to our design questionnaire

This lot and (more…)

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NORTON: The Stuart Garner Interview.

Published by Nick on May 10th, 2013 - in FEATURES, NEWS

 The following is a transcription of a taped interview with Stuart Garner on April 5th 2013. (more…)

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NORTON: the inside story….

Published by Nick on October 10th, 2012 - in NEWS

THIS POST served as a filler between the original Norton Saga feature and the Stewart Garner interview. New readers with an interest in the subject are best advised to head to those destinations: we’re not deleting this one as comments were received and posted, but it has been long since superceded.



For reasons explained below – see update  – we’ve had to put back The Stewart Garner Interview.  This will be the real deal:  punches will not be pulled by either side. Inevitably, some will see the proposed interview as a cop out on our part, when in fact what we’re doing is fulfilling the original intention of balancing input by giving Norton a platform on which to respond.

UPDATE 21/02/13

Apologies for the ongoing delay. I can only say that there are excellent reasons for holding off on any Norton related material at the moment – new material has recently been made available to BG which we are in the process of evaluating, and secondly Norton have recently been cited in evidence in open court as part of an ongoing criminal trial. These complex proceedings also need to be contextualised, and for that we must await a verdict.

Under those circumstances there is no sensible option but to hold fire. This does not mean that the story has been spiked: it simply means that we’re trying to do the job properly. Thanks for your patience.

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