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…. how to manage an addiction



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You all know the score. Especially if you live in a country where every winter the roads are liberally doused in a mixture of urea and salt – an environmental disaster for verges, watercourses and metals. (more…)


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Two and a half years ago, Bikerglory predicted the return of forced induction on production motorcycles. It was a no brainer: better fuel economy, less weight, more power – meaning a 500cc machine (for example) could do everything a litre bike can do – but better. We got the supercharger bit right. But we got the capacity wrong……



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John Cantlie

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Sometime Brit bike journo (TWO, MCN etc) has been taken hostage by Islamic State.

Sonic worked in the industry in it the last glory days of print – before it all got so serious and predictable. He then grew up and became a respected war correspondent.  At times like this all of us will be united our hopes for his release, along with the others in the same predicament.  Our thoughts are with him and his fellow hostages.

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BOBBER BACKLASH: where it all began….

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” She said / There’s something in the wood shed….”   She was right…. (more…)

ARIEL ACE – the real road test.

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click on an image… full story HERE (more…)

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MT07 vs MT09. Ref: Street Triple R (09)…

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Fact: Yamaha dealers unsurprisingly report potential MT09 buyers are checking out the cheaper MT07 as a possible alternative:  the face off is right here.  (more…)

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HONDA VFR 800 2014

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We all know about the VFR story: how an icon evolved, peaked and then slid out of favour and fashion – this is the bike most often cited as a victim of its own development. And now it’s back. But is it good enough to rehabilitate brand VFR? (more…)

BMW R1200R vs NINE T pt 2

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The iconic R51 (above), a key reference point in Nine T styling…

The 1200R and Nine T share more than key components: in the USA the initial price differential between these two machines was around $800 US – less than £500. In the UK you might need to double that figure, but for many the Nine T still seemed to offer comparative value: the entire UK allocation sold out rapidly. But which feels like the more capable machine? And which is more fun to ride?


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