A lot of you will have seen this before, but this footage represents something which transcends sports photography. If feels more like an artwork.

For some time now, it has been evident that CS is riding at a sublime level.

Forget all the crap about personality, forget the Rossi hype machine and enjoy the spectacle of someone right at the top of their game dishing it out.

His Ducati world title was a stunning achievement, anyone who doubts that should look at clips of him wrestling that beast around track after track. No one else has been able to handle that bike in its variuous incarnations. Stoner always impresses in the wet, plus his move on Lorenzo at Laguna was balls out stuff of the highest quality in terms of timing and bottle.

One thing we really like about him off the bike is his admission of fear; not maney riders us the word scarey to describe some of what they experience. Casey isn’t afraid to admit to it. And then at Indy he pulls out lap records on a dodgy looking track when well in the lead.

Maximum respect. We don’t like Honda’s relationship with Dorna, and we do appreciate Yamaha’s effort for a fraction of the H budget. But all of that is irrelevant. This bloke is special. Enjoy: as we have seen all too graphically with Valentino, nothing lasts forever.

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  1. World Champion, and much deserved. He has simply been a joy to watch – the fact that no one else has been in the same parish adds to the achievement.

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