Gary’s Meditation

Gary Northeast’s meditation on a local run.  In Wales.

There’s a road I quite often go out of my way to ride not far from where I live here in Mid-Wales. The bit I ride is not a very long piece of road, just about seven miles in all, but in those seven short miles it brings together in one place many of the things I most love about motorcycling.

It begins in a small hamlet of a few houses and scattered along its length are another three settlements with a small village at the end. There are a couple of posted speed limits along the way so consequently no really long stretches to blast down at high speed.

But then that isn’t the point of this wonderfully engaging stretch of rural B road. The countryside through which it winds is gorgeous, particularly at this time of the year. It runs its crooked, twisty way along a lush, green, river valley, passing between steep open fields and in places diving into darker wooded sections. The villages and settlements it connects are peaceful and picturesque places which I find myself happily slowing down to pass through even without the warning of a speed limit sign.

There are almost no straight sections on this piece of road. It’s a series of bends, left and right, left and right, some gentle, some sharp, but nearly all of them demanding close attention. Bits of the road are bumpy, there is occasionally some sheep or cow dung in one or two places and I usually need to be watching for gravel which has been driven onto the road from the odd driveway or access track. It all adds to the attraction of this road and the pure pleasure of seven miles of bend swinging through a beautiful rural landscape. It makes me smile every time I ride along it.

Like a sensible chap, Gaz is keeping the exact location to himself….

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