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Check out what’s en route and headed your way in August 2012 – or for past glories, scroll on down…


Our Visionaire series last year looked at ways to improve visual response, arguably the most important upgrade any of us can make. We’re just about to publish a companion piece on practical enhancements including new anti fogging materials and a revolutionary solution for anyone who uses lenses on a bike. Due early August. 

GSXR 750 2003

Meet the new hack…. This replaces the SV650  which served us through winter and early spring 2011/12, but its still bang in line with our cheap, cheerful and charismatic selection policy. We’ve never done a summer hack before for the simple reason that buying in the spring isn’tnormally  value. This one was, and it would have been rude not to.  Updates and mods reviewed mid August.


on a Brit bike manufacturer due early August: the witnesses, the statements, the balance sheets, the CCJs. No prizes for guessing who.


And just to prove we’re not always stone faced, check out our wildly unattributable round up of who goes where in GPs next year….

3 thoughts on “COMING UP…”

  1. Yours is a simple porelbm.You add up the prose and cons of new and used and arrive at a total. In respect to the Yamaha V-star 250 cc.Work through the local classifieds/bike sales magazines and eBay and get an idea of resale value say over 1, 2 and 3 years.You see, if this bike after say 2 years is only worth $1,900 that is a loss of $1,850. (example only)I assure you after a few years you will be wanting to try more power so selling and buying again is not unexpected. Now in the used bike arena its harder to predict the future.Lets imagine you buy a used V-star at $1,850, and in a few years its worth. $850.your only $1,000 behind. Yet I do agree that any used bike will bring with it out standing work. At a minimum a full service will be required plus a few small fix ups. I guess then providing you can afford it, you may be better with the new bike as that brings with it a warranty so hassle free riding. BTW.Dont bog your self down on a single bike, Do lots of research as other great rides are on offer.

    • Firstly apologies to any genuine correspondents – you’ve been caught in a spam storm which means everything is filtered out at the moment and has to be reviewed before we can publish. Hence the delay.

      Meanwhile, it seems like the coming up page is the place for used bike discussions, fair enough….. In reply to Mohammed, it is true that buying used machines means that re-sale values are unpredictable. On the other hand, there is far less depreciation than is the case with buying new. Re:research – if you look round the website you’ll find plenty.

  2. just bugoht a brand new CBR250R with ABS and I am not an experienced rider so this is and will be a great starter bike for me. At interstate speeds the turbulence from other vehicles and the? vibration of the bike at 7,000 RPM and more make me want to ride a 600cc bike or larger, but then I wouldn’t be getting the great gas mileage that I wanted, which was the primary reason for choosing this bike over the 600cc or greater bikes. Trade-off: mileage versus performance!!!

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