Right from the start, Bg has been transparent regarding any help, support or sponsorship the site received. It’s really the only way to run any media outlet which reviews product, no matter how small the scale.

The motorcycle press in general has not always enjoyed a reputation for frank disclosure on such matters – which partly explains why many bikers regard the sector with such disdain. And right now transparency matters more than ever: motorcycling is an expanding industry again, a trend which includes traditional Western territories like the UK – despite the many hurdles placed in front of novice riders. A new generation demands a fresh approach, and that means telling it like it really is.


What’s interesting about Metzeler is that they caught onto current trends in biking early doors, as a look at their PR campaigns over the last three or four years would reveal. They are interested in left field comment, and get the fact that these days opinion formers are not confined to the mainstream. They’ve consistently helped Bg out with – no prizes for guessing – tyres, and always been on hand with help and technical support. The development of this kind of relationship helps indy outlets survive, which is obviously good news – just as long as everything is up front. Metzeler continue to offer us invaluable support. Meanwhile our robust approach to product reviews remains unchanged.

Metzeler are strongly associated with the Isle of Man, and the 2015 TT will see the Metzeler Village tented area up and running again, a facility which offers a really decent alternative to the less salubrious variety of camping many will have experienced, and negates Landlady Terror Syndrome, another form of native entertainment best avoided by the weary traveller. Check out what the Metz facility has on offer – if the Island is calling this year, you could do far far worse…..

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