Guess how much one little can brought to the party….

So the Conti bar gix has ditched the standard end can in favour of a Pipewerx road number. We didn’t expect much – Yosh and Akra excepted, most can manufacturers adopt a one size fits all approach when it comes to interior design spec. In other words, they find a template that flows the gasses out reasonably efficiently, which is then applied to a wide range of machines.  For the 03 750, Pipewerx offer a basic choice: street legal or GP3, the latter being in a similar mould to Racefit’s ballsy growler (which sounds mildly obscene, but sounds terrific).  Both options offer construction (oval, round, tri) and finish (ti, carbon, stainless) choices. The standard, legal can is notable for the laser cut X trademark on the upper flange of can outlet. Given that the similarly decorative baffle in the street legal is easily removed, it seemed to offer the most flexibility. A Ti finish promised to suit the bike’s looks.

750 and new can (in rucksack) headed over to BikerGlory’s tuning guru and dyno merchant, Mr.DynoMutt aka Bill Page, at Williton near Minehead.  The Gix went on in standard trim and duly returned 117 brake at the wheel, which was predictable. Being pushed for time, we opted to fit the Pipewerx sans baffle next up, as that was how I intended to run the bike. We were both pleasantly surprised to find that the can liberated an extra EIGHT bhp, taking us up to 125. I seriously doubt that the GP3 would outperform that, and suddenly the bike was sounding like a GSXR should courtesy of the missing baffle – which also had the benefit of leaning the bike off fuelling wise: in restricted standard form the ours ran rich from around 7.5k  (first two runs on the chart, below). Which probably contributed to the net gain,  but eight brake  is a top result for an end can only switch – you’d normally expect a max of around five. Job done: less weight, more power. Y series boys and girls take note.

But what about the rest of them?  We reckon that Gix 600 Ys would enjoy the Pipewerx and derive similar benefit in terms of percentage gains (especially rich runners), but beyond that it’s harder to predict. Bill reckoned early K thous could work well, and while we can’t guarantee what would happen if the can was bolted onto an R6 , for example, we’re pretty confident you should see some sort of gain, which should also apply to most mid capacity IL4s.

You can see quite clearly from the fuelling chart that in standard form serious rich running is at its worst around 8k and only improves slightly above that. You can also see that this was where the Pipewerx obliged. But we could still flow some more air into the mix and benefit: a K&N beckons. The joy of rediscovering sportsbikes…

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  1. Runs 2&3 are in totally stock trim,and you can see how rich the fueling is as standard on this particular bike. Runs 5&6 are with the Pipewerx can fitted, and as you can see the fueling has leaned slightly. Had the fueling on this bike been closer to optimal I would have expected a gain of around 4 to 5 bhp from this can, BUT because the bike is running rich the can has helped to lean the fueling slightly which has compounded the gain. I would have expected the stock bike to produce around 120bhp if the fueling had been correct, rather than the lower result of 117bhp.
    Nicks bike is running quite rich to start with and simply by leaning the fueling slightly power can be picked up. I would expect to see a small gain by fitting a free breathing air filter which will lean the fueling out further towards optimal.
    Ideally remapping the fueling is the required course of action, and this will be taken care of in the very near future, with the addition of a piggyback fueling device, and a custom generated fuel map. Once this is done alongside the addition of a free breathing air filter I would expect power to be closer to 130bhp.
    Fitting this can to another GSXR750 that is fueling closer to optimal will likely gain a few bhp less than the gains seen on this particular bike.

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