Bikerglory expects… that each of you will do your duty and tell us what to do.  
There are different ways of communicating:

  • Respond to stories online as we publish them by commenting at the bottom of the story.
  • If there’s something we should be concentrating on, or know about , an  email will find us.  All emails will be treated in confidence.
  • Letters and original material for publication (submissions) are welcomed:  use the form below as your start point. Said material will end up here.
  • Use the form below to submit a classified ad.  Images max 75 dpi, 16cm/6 inches, 500kb max (we accept up to 1mgb for other contributions).  Upload a single image with your text.  For the moment, advertisers wishing to add a second image will have to submit a second contact form (same format and dimensions apply), so let’s keep ads to a max of two images. (More on BIKERGLORY ads HERE.)
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