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Published by Nick on January 14th, 2013 - in IMAGERY

One of the targets we set ourselves for the Gix 750 for 2013 was a general freshen up in the suspender department. Rather than go down the usual long termer route of acquiring (by hook or crook) expensive aftermarket replacements, we’d decided that rebuilding was more in tune with these financially stretched times – there are a number of small, dedicated expert refurbishers out there who tend to be ignored by testers in favour of sourcing the latest must have from Ohlins, WP or Nitron.

Then we started hearing about Mike Capon and Shock Factory. What we were hearing was that this bloke with years of experience in the black art of suspension – not to mention his exploits at the track (sorry Mike) – had set up a workshop in France, where he was personally constructing  beautifully made monos and retailing them for £350 inclusive of VAT, delivery and a C spanner. With 48 clicks of adjustment and a two year guarantee with personal service, you’re talking a deal. Unlike larger, better known and more expensive brands, with Shock Factory you know exactly who and where is building your shock. They aren’t made in China, and neither are any of the components.  It’s early days in terms of pro feedback and reviews, but customer response has been enthusiastic. The twin shock range is now available, a very interesting alternative to stalwarts like Hagon, who pretty much had the run of the mid price market in that department.

Mike was keen to get some feedback from a sportsbike perspective and kindly offered to send us one of his finest. It would have been rude not to: watch for updates on the Silver Machine front. We’ve got a bit of work to do on the bike before she goes back on the road, and the aim is to do it all in one hit, including installation of our new rear shock. These are Mike’s own shots (hint) of our new shock being built at the Factory…

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