Two and a half years ago, Bikerglory predicted the return of forced induction on production motorcycles. It was a no brainer: better fuel economy, less weight, more power – meaning a 500cc machine (for example) could do everything a litre bike can do – but better. We got the supercharger bit right. But we got the capacity wrong……


By now you’ll know that we’re talking 300 bhp (verifiable on the dyno according to KHI), and the track only R version (pictured) will be lighter than the current ZX10. Think about that. 30 brake more than anything on the GP grid….. In order to keep such stupendous power earthbound, KHI had two options. Lengthen the thing, or use wings for downforce. Thankfully, they opted for the latter.

A street version will follow, in a lighter state of tune – presumambly courtesy of lower boost. The supercharger is a KHI work of art, courtesy of their jet propulsion division. We’re a long way from the original H2….

But the real world pay off will come when the charger technology is passed down to Kawasaki’s middleweights – which is where we came in, a couple of years back. Smaller bikes mean volume sales – the H2R is a flagship for the technology rather than an end in itself. It’s a brilliant marketing ploy. A supercharged ZX6 will mean redundant ZX10s. The future is checking in.



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