What’s it all about?

bikerglory.com exists to fill a gaping yawn at the centre of motorcycle media. The idea is simple – to propagate biker culture in a totally non aligned way. This means we tackle investigative stories and publish research – we don’t have to pander to focus groups or worry about upsetting the status quo.

We are not a forum, which means interactivity and comment will be focussed – and welcomed. We wont simply rely on feeds and re-hashing press releases.  And we’re not a blog: the agendas we pursue will be the result of collective input from site users and its creators. Taken as a whole, this model positions us where we want to be – apart from the rest of them.

So no hidden agendas – there is no business plan, beyond a commitment to funding the site ourselves whenever necessary. Material support is welcome, and frankly essential given the massively time consuming nature of any investigative story. In the interests of transparency, we list any business or corporate supporters.

If all this sounds a bit heavy, we’re big on bike culture  – think contemporary fanzine with a punk ethos. You’ll find paintings, toons, sexuality and style along with the hardcore journalism. We are just one bloke plus supporting cast of anyone who can lend a hand: Bg was initiated by a freelance photographer / journalist whose work has regularly appeared in national media, including Bike magazine – whose earliest editions from the 1970s are one of our current inspirations. Frustration with the conservatism inherent in mainstream media was another component in our genesis: we will pursue agendas and stories that the mainstream will not touch – keep an eye on on coming up to see what’s on the way. This does not mean we will eschew launches and commercial development as a matter of policy: it just means those things will not be prioritised. We don’t assume that anyone has thousands of pounds to spend on their motorcycle, and much of our focus will be on quality biking on the cheap. Where there’s a will and all that.

So let’s see what happens.  NICK

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