MotoGP (Mugello 3 July 11)


Here at bg our colours are nailed to the sign of the crossed tuning fork. So it was great to see Jorge back on song and win in epic style at Mugello – leaving ‘expert’ punditry in smithereens (yet again).

So why our allegiance?

1) Honda’s relationship with Dorna is uncomfortably intimate. The crossover ill befits the premier class of motorcycle racing. Yamaha are their only competitive rivals.

2) Honda have thrown the kitchen sink at this years title in an effort to secure their sole championship during the 800s era. Yamaha couldn’t even drag a sponsor on board. Not quite David and Goliath, more like David and his bigger, faster, steroid munching brother.

3) Unsurprisingly, none of the current crop of gp bikes bear much resemblance to the manufacturers top o’ the range sports bikes, but at least the M1 has conceptual similarities to the R1. If you ride a sorted R1, it will pass through your mind that the thing is actually related to the M1, and that will make you feel good.

4) Other teams consistently voice the opinion that the M1 is the boy for the twisties, with sublime handling characteristics. Yamaha don’t need a ground up rebuild for 2012. All they need is for the new motor to be competitive. If they can achieve that, they’ll be knocking on the door next year as well.

5) Yamaha weren’t prepared to put up with a prima donna’s hubristic demands, and they weren’t prepared to sacrifice Lorenzo on the bonfire of the vanities. To see them take the title in the first post Rossi, 50th anniversary year would be particularly edifying – and well deserved.

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