NORTON: the inside story….

THIS POST served as a filler between the original Norton Saga feature and the Stewart Garner interview. New readers with an interest in the subject are best advised to head to those destinations: we’re not deleting this one as comments were received and posted, but it has been long since superceded.



For reasons explained below – see update  – we’ve had to put back The Stewart Garner Interview.  This will be the real deal:  punches will not be pulled by either side. Inevitably, some will see the proposed interview as a cop out on our part, when in fact what we’re doing is fulfilling the original intention of balancing input by giving Norton a platform on which to respond.

UPDATE 21/02/13

Apologies for the ongoing delay. I can only say that there are excellent reasons for holding off on any Norton related material at the moment – new material has recently been made available to BG which we are in the process of evaluating, and secondly Norton have recently been cited in evidence in open court as part of an ongoing criminal trial. These complex proceedings also need to be contextualised, and for that we must await a verdict.

Under those circumstances there is no sensible option but to hold fire. This does not mean that the story has been spiked: it simply means that we’re trying to do the job properly. Thanks for your patience.

17 thoughts on “NORTON: the inside story….”

  1. I was one of those critical of your stance on this story as I felt it was one sided so credit for taking a different approach. My worry was how a lot of the detractors were themselves in the industry, some who may want to see SG fail for their own reasons, look forward to the interview.

    • Hi Paul, I’m hoping to set up something with SG in the very near future. Realistically, this will not appear until the New Year. There are good reasons for this which I can’t go into at this stage. You also have to remember resources are limited – this is a one (and a half) man show. Please bear with us.

  2. I look forward to reading the interview when, or if, it appears. In order to form a balanced opinion of the situation I would have thought it fair if the orinigal article were still viewable. Norton had the opportunity to tell their side of the story on numerous occassions but declined. Now it looks like they have put pressure to bear in exchange for an interview which gives the wrong impression all round.

  3. Good luck to Norton if they have turned the corner but as a private individual who had many sleepless and tearful nights in my long drawn out struggle to recoup the £15k outlay for a bike that never existed, I do not feel we should now crown Stuart Garner in laurels. The ends DOES NOT JUSTIFY the means and this remains the worst consumer experience I have had in my entire life

  4. Although SG isn’t my favorite, I would be interested to know if or what questions he’ll be asked or is going to be a case of SG making a statment about how he sees things… Will he be taking on readers questions? Will he turn up? I’ll stayed tuned in, and well done BG for getting hold of him.

  5. Personally I hope Nick pushes Mr Garner hard for a clear and unambiguous response to the points raised in the original “Norton Saga” article plus any supplemental readers’ questions as unfortunately Mr Garner is what I would term a “consummate politician” in that he is very good at avoiding giving a direct answer to a direct question.

  6. Hi I worked at norton for 7 months and knowing what I know I look forward to hearing Garners reply . I think it will be the usual spin he is so good at,time will tell if you have get the interview.

  7. Yes,agree with this recent Post from Stu.Appreciate you are restricted on time Nick and that they’re are other certainly more interesting articles to concentrate on – but it’s mid-February ‘in the new year ‘ now.Are there any developments regarding an interview with SG?

    • Charles, I’ve just updated the story above citing reasons for delay. They are compelling, as I think the update makes clear. I really can’t go much further right now. Suffice to say that the whole focus of the original story has changed and moved into more complex territory. If anything, recent events make the proposed interview far more significant: had we run it originally we would have missed a crucial component in the story.

  8. Nick-many thanks and understand you position.However,would you be able to advise which Court and which Case is involved here so BG fans can follow the situation on a personal level if they so desire?The information is obviously in the public domain,but it would save a lot of searching if you could at least point in the right direction!All the best.

    • A verdict on the case in question is imminent, following which I’ll be talking to SG. Any implications will be discussed and subsequently published. At which point, let’s hope we can all move on… I think it important that SG has the opportunity of dealing with matters arising as the next step in all this, not least because I promised him a right of reply prior to publishing further Norton material – which is why I can’t comment at the moment. There will be full disclosure, but it has to be credible and that means post trial and post interview.

  9. Yeah!!!! Just took delivery of a New 961 Café Racer. I can only say that my experience has been 10 out of 10! The New Norton as a product; a brand has been taken from the grave totally resurrected… I visited the factory lots of times during the order & build process. Every time I was treated with total professionalism – from Stuart, Joe, Sean & the all the guys. I’m sure that their journey has been met with numerous challenges, but when the end result is a bike as beautiful as mine – I can only say a massive thank you & well done to all the people involved..! You have a great future! Rich

    • Well, that’s great to hear – I hope other clients are receiving the same service. It is really important that this kind of service is open to all Norton customers…… I just hope the weather warms up when I come up to Donny to see the gang on the 5th……

  10. Yeh yeh we’ll have your bike ready….yeh yeh I’ll have the interview ready….all sounds too familiar to me.

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