DESIGN: the new revolution.

We recently highlighted some of the top stuff coming up on BG – stuff which will prove useful for those Christmas intervals when you just need to escape the rest of them, and the weather is too grim for riding – the TV too grim for watching. We’re here to dispel those ennui filled moments… and we’ve got more. Much more.

In addition to those delights, we’ve decided to run a new series of features on motorcycle design, for the excellent reason that we reckon that some serious evolutionary action has just kicked in. It started with electronic aids  and has been given fresh impetus by a newly re-discovered appetite for machines which yield traditionally high mpg figures. Throw in the new Euro wide rider licencing scheme and all the ingredients are in place for a plethora smaller capacity, lighter machines with forced induction options to feed the need for speed. We’re talking supercharged 4oo to 600s.  That’s right: we believe the stage is finally set for a return to truly agile motorcycles (say 170 kgs max kerb) packing 100+ brake at the wheel. Think of the best grey 400s with an extra kick, but not confined to a sportsbike package.  Throw in the modern switchable electronics to deal with the diesel and the detritus, and suddenly Planet Bike is re-animated.  And that’s before we even begin on the new generation of DI strokers…..

In order to facilitate this debate, we’ve created a Design category on the front page, into which all related material will be archived. By all related material we’re talking interviews with the most influential designers out there. We’re talking road tests of bikes which break the mould in some significant way, and finding out if it’s a giant leap or false step – starting with the Honda NC700. The times are changing, and changing fast. We’ll be right there. Christmas will never be the same again…

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  1. I’m a great believer in weight reduction Nick as you well know from my own bike.Most of the japanese home market 400cc stable of naked “Techtro” bikes like the ZRX400, CB400, etc will accept a much larger engine squeezed twixt their tubes, as my ZRX1000R (ZRX400 frame etc with a tuned 05 Z1000/ZX9R hybrid motor)proves, the Honda should accept a 900cc Gornet lump with a little judicious tweaking, as will Suzukis GSX400S mini Katana which I’m currently slotting a large oilcooled Suzuki lump into. With the right running gear etc these bikes can weigh less than 180kgs with fuel, and make upwards of 140bhp, my own is testament to this. Light weight, with high power is the best fun you can have, and the look on the faces of sportsbike riders when you chase them down on a high barred oldskool looking bike is priceless. Ditch the fuel injection and fit a nice set of high performance open flatslides and roll on the summer. If the factories do indeed cotton onto the benefits of slicing the weight down for a new era of lightweight performance streetbikes then it can only be a good thing.

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