Who loves ya baby…..

You know we do, which is why we’ll be back with some heavy hitting gear in the very near future. We got digests of the trade shows (Milan & Brum), meaning a totally objective overview of developments which actually matter. We got extended Honda tests: the NC 700 series v London – does the auto option, an alleged 90 mpg peak torque low down and easy handling provide an answer for urban based riders who want something more than a big scoot?  And if so, which of the new boys hit the spot in the smoke – and beyond? And that’s just for starters.

Our annual awards ceremony will be edging over the hill, plus the long awaited, no holds barred interview with Stewart Garner. And what about Ariel? We’ll be getting our leg over the Somerset mule in the New Year – in fact, we’ll be the first to report from the saddle on the forthcoming V4 Chard challenger. Finally, we’re working on the Dorna story: now the dust has settled, what does the future really hold for MotoGP and WSBK? A few closet ensconced skeletons are about to come tumbling out, so keep em peeled in our direction. As usual we’ll be tweeting as we go, so if you want to be among the first to inspect the goods you can always follow us in the usual place.

Peace, love, and happy bend swinging.

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