2012 ZZR1400: 210 crank?

This is something that still get’s us going. Can’t help it. The arrival of the latest icon to inherit the world title – of  2 wheeled production power.

Kwak are back where they belong, after a merry-go-round of pretenders took the piss and drank deeply: Busas and Birds and even Beemers got in on the act, while the men from Akashi Bay sucked their teeth and mumbled about manufacturer’s agreements. Not any more. Kawasaki have left the rest of them standing, almost literally by the look of some of the videos that have been doing the rounds. Enter the 2012 Kawasaki ZZR1400.


The big K gets top notch traction control originating from the ZX10, arguably the best production TC system out there. The frame has been strengthened to cope with the extra shunt, but it’s the officially undisclosed power figure that’s got adrenalin junkies salivating. Kwak are refusing to comment, but from hints, cries and whispers we reckon 210ish crank. Or more pertinently, a nailed on 200 brake on the dyno with ram air factored in – Kawasaki want to avoid overstated power claims, which damaged initial perception of the current ZX10. The new bike will need to be knocking out at least 210 crank to achieve the magical double century at the wheel. The 64cc capacity increase over the outgoing model comes courtesy of a longer stroke, which promises plenty of thrust from the off – something previous ZZRs have not always been notable for.

Bearing in mind that the 14 is already the best handling hyperbike in a class of two, you’d have to be supporting a concrete structure not to feel at least a twinge of excitement – the power gloves are off again. Which may be irresponsible, may be juvenile, and hardly endorses recently discovered corporate eco awareness – but such a raw statement of intent is incredibly refreshing in these troubled times.

We can’t wait.

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