Around the time Bikerglory launched, I contacted Kevin to ask his opinion about a specific topic. The result of this was an ongoing correspondence, punctuated by informative chats on the phone. I had met Kevin a few times – he was always approachable – but there was no particular reason why he should have given me the time of day, let alone become a regular confrère. The fact that he did is significant: of the many bike journalists I’ve communicated with, it was the most respected and revered who consistently gave time, support and encouragement. He was not only happy to be interviewed for a particular feature  (essentially a critical examination of his profession); he knew exactly why the piece needed an airing in the first place. He intuitively understood what concerned the biker constituency en bloc, and that was the first box he ticked as a journalist.

The unique thing was that Kevin ticked them all: he was a capable rider. He understood the dynamic relationship between form and function. Much more unusually, he got engineering concepts which effortlessly eluded many of his colleagues, and was able to write about them in manner comprehensible to those for whom a spanner is an object of awe and mystery.

The fact that in our bike orientated chats Kevin still managed to talk about his family is indicative of where his heart really lay. Of all the correspondence I’ve received at Bikerglory, the item I cherish most was an email from Kevin commenting on a particular piece. The fact that he bothered in the first place matters more than the content – all the more so in the aftermath of the accident that cost him his life, his family a partner and a dad, and the rest of us a light illuminating our strange little world.

Kevin Ash



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  1. I remember the current generation ZX-10 had just been press-launched at the Qatar circuit, I believe and the journalist had been treated to a night track day on the new Kwack. I had just gotten home from working all day and saw Kevin had posted his review of the Ninja on FaceBook. I made the comment that his article was the perfect treat to relax to after being completely knackered. Surprisingly, he wrote back saying that he was glad that I enjoyed it. That was a very small moment in time, but looking back, to have that interaction with such a talented man is very important to me.

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