We can finally confirm the date of our long awaited interview with Stewart Garner. We’re going up to Donington on April 5th and we’ll be spending time with SG and a 961. A transcript of the former and a review of the latter will be posted by May 12th. 

Responsibility for the long delay rests entirely on our side.  We had originally hoped to meet up with Stewart last November around the time of the NEC, and  then decided to wait until the New Year. At which point we pulled out again. Our reasoning was that various events were unfolding which related to both Norton and our original story. We decided to hold back until such matters had run their course: running an interview which would rapidly have been overtaken by new developments made no sense at all – Norton’s recent acquisition of Donington Hall, Hastings House and associated land being just one example.

While we can’t go into details, we can say that all concerned want to keep this real – credibility matters far more than personal agendas. It should be an interesting day.















7 thoughts on “NORTON UPDATE”

  1. You have clearly made a Pact with The Devil.You are now one of The Living Dead.I should know-I was one.God be with you.

    • Yes – there’s a fair bit of material to edit but with any luck we should have something up for the end of this week. Watch this space.

  2. Very briefly – just waiting for a couple of responses to follow up questions, which may delay things slightly. I realise this is frustrating, but I’m confident it will all be woth the wait.

    • It’s funny how people feel SG has control over the entire media, but perhaps not surprising given the type of nonsense that has appeared in MCN recently. The reason for the latest delay was to do with my having something called a life, which has needed attention recently. I’ve just spent the last 24 hours re-checking tapes – an enourmous amount of effort has gone into a story in which motorcycles play a secondary role. Be patient for a few more days. It will appear. Save critiques for then. Xn

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