Steve Gannicott has been a busy man recently. The erstwhile managing director of stack ’em high, sell ’em cheap multi franchiser George White saw that operation enter administration in January. His response was to form a new company – Megamotorcycle Stores, with David Matton listed as sole director.  Matton had previously been listed as director of…. you guessed it…. George White.  And that’s just the beginning.

Megamotorcycles then acquired the ex GW stock from Deloitte, the administrators, and access to George White properties. We’re waiting for a statement from Deloitte at the time of writing, but suffice to say the stock would’ve been picked up at a very competitive price.

Armed with ex GW stock,  housed in ex GW premises, Megamotorcycle are now holding a sale of said stock.  Gannicott, reportedly ‘heartbroken’ by his GW experience, has recovered enough to take charge of it. That’s right – Megamotorcycles are effectively a re-incarnation of GW, with their stock and without their overheads. Or their creditors, who must be wringing their hands in anguish at this prospect, since they wont being seeing the proceeds.

We’d like to know Megamotorcycle’s future plans are.  We’ve tried making contact with them, so far without success. Watch this space.


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