Part three of the hack diaries….

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No sooner had we sourced the latest – and possibly the last – additions to the hack’s armour and fitted them, when a problem manifested itself. This instalment of the diary concentrates on identifying and (hopefully) remedying that problem.

Essentially, on certain occasions the clutch refused to disengage. Stopping in gear became a lottery, since even with the clutch lever back to the bar the bike wanted to move forward, and finding neutral became impossible. In other words, the clutch was dragging rather than slipping. A phenomenon not unknown on SV650s….

Once the bike warmed up, the problem intensified. Levers, adjustment, cables and associated worm drive mechanism were checked and found to be AOK. The next step was draining the oil and whipping off the casing, removing plates and clutch basket. At some stage, the plates had heated up, despite a good supply of oil to the clutch. In addition, the basket and hub were notched, although not to an extent where ditching them would have made sense.

Instead, I manually – and gently – filed down the marked surfaces, using emery paper and finishing with an electric toothbrush equipped with a home made polish head – a poor man’s Dremel.  Note also the red liquid gasket residue, re-inforcing a perished looking rubber O ring seal (which sits in a groove around the edge of the case.) A new seal is on the way, and the red stuff will be cleaned up.

Replacement steels/plates were ordered, and the whole lot should be in place this weekend (26-27/11/11). Assuming all is well, next time round we’ll deal with those ‘final’ mods, largely aimed at improving the standard front end…

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