… because it’s nearly time to part company with this.

Welcome to Hacksville, pt.5….

Since we last posted up, the SV has had a makeover – having sorted the bike to our requirements we did something we never normally bother with hack wise: cosmetics.  A local bodywork firm were keen to expand their repertoire to include bikes, and offered us a tank respray on the cheap.  Since the original had been erm roughly touched up, we took the plunge and the results are excellent – a nice deep, lacquered black with a metallic hint. We finished the job with acrylic silver S decals: we could have gone for the original SUZUKI lettering common to mk1 SVs of this vintage, but the single letter is tidier and reminds BG of the strokers of long lost youth.

At the same time, we picked up a clean, used Viper end can to replace the battered Art item that came with the bike.  The Art gave a very crisp pick up; the Viper seems marginally less willing down below, but comes into its own as revs pick up. Despite the absence of a cat converter we suspect there isn’t much in it between the two. On the dyno with the Art in situ the bike made 68 brake at the rear wheel, and the fuelling was spot on. We’d be amazed if the Viper was down on that.

We also replaced the tatty OE headlamp with a traditional, Fresnel style glassed one – thankfully seven inch round Monster/SV style lamps seem to be making something of a come back, not least on the streetfighter scene: we’ve all seen enough of those iffy dominator style ones to last a lifetime.  We’d also heard rumours that the Fresnel performed better than its clear plastic lensed, EU compliant successor – the latter focuses by means of the asymmetrical reflector. We put this to the test by trying the same bulb in both set ups, and on dipped beam the Fresnel was unquestionably superior in terms of brilliance. On full beam it was closer, but the old skool glass prevailed again with a more evenly illuminated pool of light. The metal/glass set up also offers the potential to up wattage without meltdown, but our street legal Phillips XP Moto (aka Xtreme in car guise) performed well enough to banish thoughts of 100 wattage output.

So why hacked off?  We have to sell on the hacks to make ends meet, simple as that, and the SV has done us proud over winter. The time has not quite come: we’ll have a sixth and final report on the SV at the end of March, at which point someone is going to get a really sorted naked V2.

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