We recently pre-empted the hack season by drawing up a list of value conveyances. And followed our own advice by taking the plunge on a naked SV650…

Part one of the hack diaries….

It’s an 02,15k documented miles. Owner had a spill and then left her sat under a cover which as we all know = condensation, the results of which are apparent. He then had her tarted up plus a years MOT. So she’s a bit cosmetically challenged, but that motor is sweet. £1050. Art end can, somewhat the worse for wear, de-baffled. This is (by far) her best angle.

Our Sunday morning 140 mile ride home gave us the opportunity of getting to know each other. I soon ended up lying on the tank, elbows on knees: no screen. You can’t keep that going but we saw a decent top speed… She has old stock Bridgestone 020s on, fine in a straight line but not so inspiring cranked over. I don’t mind cramped legs if the result is massive clearance but we decked out a couple of times.. lower pegs would mean even more touching down, so we need to look at ride height. Plus we need a screen suitable for 6ft naked riders… recommendations gratefully received.

The plan is to change the 020s for some modern winter orientated rubber to see how much confidence really good wet tyres can inspire, although strictly from a budget perspective, the 020s are serviceable. Front brakes do need attention – they work, but a given amount at the lever results in in variable stopping power, which suggests to me that fluid and lines need replacing, as the pads have some meat on them.

Rear suspension fine, surprisingly, front a bit soggy and dives like a South American striker in the box but again, come winter you kind of want some give. We’ve had worse. The stuff that definitely needs doing: screen, brakes (front).  Tyres, sat height, suspenders and a visit to the dyno are optional, but will be investigated. Scrounge rather than spend is the hack motto, so street tracker dreams will remain as such, the aim being cheap thrills. Watch this space, and give us a shout if you have previous with one of these.

Partly as a result of the Indian summer, we advise holding fire buying wise until heatwaves are but a distant memory: the value will be soon there for the taking.  UPDATE DUE ON 11/11/11….

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